about us

tbfc acts as an independent consulter team for pulp & paper enterprises as well as pulp & paper business oriented organizations.


Our customers are mainly operating pulp and paper production businesses for a long time and have conservative technological scopes based on availability, requirements and innovation aspects of information services in their operations.


Our targeted clients belong to manufacturers in the process industry, working in continuous producing environment, mainly in the pulp and paper business.


Beside top market, process and business knowledge mainly in the European region, we excel by our technical experience and enjoying our consultancy tasks as well as acting totally service and customer oriented in thinking and doing.


Quality, dependence and reliability at any time are the requirements for a resulting and successful realization of our common projects. That is valid for the time before, while and after your reorganization projects.


Our work is according to the philosophy of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and we have made this our own:


"Mankind will be happy only

If all people have artists’ souls,

this means everyone enjoys work."